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Website credits:

Design, Art Direction, Overhaul, Setup, Mark-up and Coding done by: Richard Kramenstetter
Scripts and Codes by:
jQuery by | forEach by Todd Motto
Skeleton by Dave Gamache | Scrollify by Luke Haas
PSWP by Dmitry Semenov | bg fade on scroll by Dave Redfern
Titillium Web font born at Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino | Asimov font by KineticPlasma
And other lines of code mainly done by the wonderful people at Stack Overflow. Rest TBA.
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The forms and manners are running on a desire to soar.
Very heavily influenced by music, by conquering, thundering ranges of movement into fluid, angular shapes and living figures with sharp angles.
In terms of art history and tradition: somewhere along the veins of Egon Schiele, Zichy Mihaly, Amedeo Modigliani and John Martin.
Contemporary influences would be Batman Beyond, BTAS, STAS, JL, Peter Chung (Æon Flux, Alexander Senki, Matriculated (The Animatrix)), Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, Filipe Andrade, Philip Oliver Hale, Wayne Douglas Barlowe and Sydney Jay Mead.

Inevitably soaked in everything around and beyond what the human eye can perceive. At times throwing it right back.
Seeking truth, longing to understand.
My interest is fixed there, at the cross section where the idea, the imagination and manifestation spark against each other.

Much more oriented to freehand drawing, yet embracing modern technology and all methods and practices.
Good design saves the world. Just as Free Software does.
Universal respect, freedom of speech and movement: human rights - the human level is dearly important to me.
I refuse to communicate via 'social' media, please write an email.

Richárd [ˈriɦaːrd]
Berlin, 2018

Hello there! My name is Richard Kramenstetter. I am a freelance concept artist, illustrator and designer based in London. I am working on my own project.
Meanwhile, I am looking for freelance work or full time employment and also accepting commissions of all kinds (logos, posters, flyers, full-websites, etc).
Please feel free to write an e-mail to the address above! Or justdownload my resume here in .PDF format.


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