Basics I., Using Computers in 2020

Hi! I'm Richard.

I composed a crude little writing, it is about you.

This is probably way too late already.
Anyway, I would like to offer a little insight for those having a bit more than a handful.

I found out almost all of my friends are computer illiterates.
It is not bad or sad but it is rather dangerous!

Do you want to improve your life, your future?

"What? Oh, is this something again about this technical surveillance sh*t?! Gosh!! Why should I read this at all?"

This is about nothing else but some quick facts and "hacks" you can use straight away.
Nothing complicated.


Do you care for your own life, about your loved ones and relatives, your freedom maybe?
Life as human beings and not as slaves?

If you think democracy (you know, discussing stuff, getting to know who wants what), freedom, being a human, having dignity and - you know,
being given a chance to live a full life without being told what to do all the time, not being imprisoned -
if that means something to you then you should consider the following.

"Well, I guess..."

Okay, tell me about something what is not digitized.
How do you communicate with your friends?
How does your bankcard work?
Computerized, all of it, isn't?
Let's start.

Basics I., Using computers

Could you develop software?


You are being lied to. You are abused.

"Umm. What now? How am I abused? I am sitting right here!"

First of all, do you know how that magic plastic box works?

"Do I really need to?"

Fair enough. I want to concentrate on my field as well, which is not programming or engineering.

Yet if you have a desktop computer, a laptop or a hand-held supercomputer (smartphone, also known as a surveillance device), you should probably be able to
-control them
-be told the truth about them
-be allowed to investigate and understand
-and repair them, right?

Do you work for the machine or the machine works for you? Who controls the machine? You?
Hello! Who uses who?

"Well, uh..."

Let's go one step back. Do you even actually own the product or the software?


You gave out a lot of money for that thing, now do you legally own it or at least a copy of it? Most probably you are only allowed to use it in a limited way (which is not specified and your settings are changed without you knowing), yet the company asks for a lot of details and is checking on you (and feeds you advertisements and propaganda).

Yes, you are limited to do only what those products allow you to do.
You are not permitted to understand how they work at all and you can't modify them at all.

Who uses who? Are you in control?

"How is it anything bad or a threat at all? It does what I want! It is pretty good, it's fast, look!"

You probably do not see the pattern because you are uh, lacking some.

"Did you just call me stupid??!"

After all, I do want you to be upset! But let's stop for a while then, okay. Fair enough.

Let's be reasonable:

Say, you are paying for a digital service, for example, streaming shows and movies. What are you paying for actually and what do you get and how?

"I do not care about your mumbling, I just want to watch that show or movie! This is very convenient!"

Well, have fun in your cage, herded slave. Goodbye!


Okay, this is what you get:
You are allowed to watch your damned programme (in a limited format, probably filled with propaganda and advertisements, telling you how to behave, how to act, think and what to buy) and again forced to watch advertisements with it as well. No, you are not "renting it digitally".
If you like these, I will call you stupid.

"But! ... This is nonsense!"

Say you are a creative person and want to make pictures or music on your personal computer.
Or you just want to write your CV or only an email!

Now, if you are using vindovs, any aplep product, guggle (android) or anything owned or created by these companies, physical or digital, then you are:

-Not in control of the product.
-You are marked, tracked, traced, followed.
-Not allowed to understand how the product works.
-Not allowed to modify it.
-Not allowed to resell it.
-The owners and various authorities can read and check anything you do including listening to you, making audio, video recordings, anything you type: using any data available to that device (plus all the personal information you just gave them when buying or signing up.)

And we haven't even got near actually doing what we wanted use the device for.

This is incredible power! Over us all!
Do you understand the magnitude of it?
Do you understand how it attacks critical thinking?
Do you even know about human rights? Do you care at all?

"This still not really affects or concerns me at all!"

Not just you, it concerns everybody:

1, How about alternatives? Choice? Freedom?

They make it all seem very complicated (and for the smaller competitors actually hard) so you do not even think of looking for alternatives!

This is allowing a forced standard to spread, making you becoming numb and indifferent.

You are. Look in the mirror and say, I care about the freedom of the humans around me!
You can't do it honestly, because you don't.

2, The truth, intentions and plans are never told.

This way, when you are kept in the dark, you are vulnerable and easily abused.
Ripped from choice and freedom.

3, You have no control over your life.

"Richard, you are an idiot. I have control over my life. Also, I can just adjust the Permission settings here and... Not only that, this is good, cause this way the criminals and the hackers can't do bad things. We have a working system here!"

Now you suddenly understand programming, right?
Now you suddenly just know how this is all played out on the public?
Now you are suddenly aware of all workings of western societies?
Criminals! Do you know what tax-evading is?
Do you know how much money do these corporate giants (fascist entities) hoard up? Do you know where that money goes?
Do you know where we could use that money and resources?

I am only talking about facts and nothing else.

Do you understand what are forced standards?

Why accept it?
Are you a responsible adult?

No, you just want something convenient, fast.
No, you do not want to take any responsibility (but you still sign anything without reading, this way contradicting yourself and thus proving: you do not even know yourself.)
No, you do not want to think about it at all, you just want to consume.
No, you just do what the others do because that is the norm.

Do not listen to me.

Listen to experts.

Here is something to start with, I took this from a popular site, I may be no better than you or the next guy after all, anyway:

"Dennis Ritchie who invented the C programming language, co-created the Unix operating system, and is largely regarded as influencing a part of effectively every software system we use on a daily basis died 1 week after Steve Jobs. Due to this, his death was largely overshadowed and ignored."

To know anything about any of these, you will have to read and investigate first.

Do you only do that for school? Because you must?

I find that is the root of all the problems.
Lack of proper education and no interest in self-education.

Why do you not want to be better? Only abs make you better? Being cool, some trendy lifestyle or clothes make you better?

Look for alternatives!
Here are some hints:

Do NOT use common social media platforms! There are about a billion problems to list about them.
Use the fediverse instead if you feel the need to.

Use any of the other available secure email providers, calendars, hosting services, not the giants.

Use Hooktube for your television needs.

Do not use pay-for streaming services.
There are multiple ways to watch that show or movie.

I advice you to read more about this matter.
At least know what you are doing.


You are causing a lot of harm without you being aware of it.
You are responsible for a lot of horrible things if you use these services.
You are not in control of it but accepting and doing so is the cause.



Facts first.

Now, you may well be more intelligent and better educated than me, still, this is how I intended to write this. You are welcome to express yourself!

I am looking for somebody who helps me translate this to the even lower language of those alpha bros and self-humiliating women.