Entry #003 – Art & Anxiety

“ human level barriers concerning art ”

March 8th, 2020


In this blog entry you can read about:
Setting up a Wacom graphics tablet with GIMP
Anxiety and the human “problems” concerning art


Well, I won’t become king of updates anytime soon. Though I doubt anybody missed these posts. Whatever the case, here we go again!
I decided to seperate this post from my other updates, character drawing walkthroughs coming up very next.
Aim! Launch.


It should actually work out of the box, yet there’s a solution to fix and load your settings if not: Create a script and run it before you fire up GIMP.

Credits first. As I remember I got the instructions from these pages:

You might want to read this too:

Here are mine if you want to take a look: settings


Before all else: Mind and body have to be friends. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Nothing will help you more than a good diet and keeping yourself in good shape. The trick that always works.
Also, remember, before getting to work, it is a good thing to turn off your other devices and to “get in the zone”.

Reward yourself, Relax, Redo

DO criticize yourself and DO go hard on yourself but also evaluate and give yourself proper justice and if you did not do well, investigate instead of punishing yourself.
Test yourself and investigate your limits and how fast can you learn and adapt what you have learnt into what you do.
Understand it is a process and not a quick transition. Even the very talented needs to practice a lot.
This is another reason an artist may cave away herself/himself and the work for a while. It is okay to not to show for a while but when it gets too much then it is time for air.

Dealing with no time

Make the time. Get the minimum amount of money and go and work on your whatever that is.
Well, ask the questions first, do not just drop out of school and quit your job but at times it might be the best to skip that party and ghost and disregard everybody. Who won’t understand probably isn’t an actual friend anyway.

“It is too complicated or difficult in a way”

Read through the rest of this page, there might be another reason you missed. Or it maybe that you need to find a different medium or a different form of art fits you better. I enjoy reading and writing just as much as painting or drawing. Maybe you too need to balance it out. If you really like what you do but it doesn’t work out then go for abstract. Let it out, let it out the right way: that is how to create works of art.

The hard stuff:

If somebody hurt you seriously and you have the chance to do so, then report it to multiple authorities. Go to the police, your teachers, the library, a hospital. Don’t hesitate and don’t stop. Things can get better. You can get help, nobody has to suffer or live in fear or pain. Tell about it.


Sex (with other people and with consent). Martial arts. A mosh-pit at a metal gig. Long walks in the woods. A long bus ride. Sit in a church. Sit in a cemetery. Maybe even team sports. Cycling for sure.
It doesn’t matter but let it OUT and not in! Talk about it if you can. Maybe to a stranger.
Hurting yourself or doing what you do not really want to do will not help or take you where you actually want to be.

Negative feelings, Depression

Best to talk about it, maybe to a professional. It does work. Many times just talking about it sheds the unwanted layers. If you prefer not to, then it is good to set yourself in motion.
Air. Outside. If the streets won’t charm, a good book might do it. Maybe the library.
Or lock up in your room, get under the blanket and go down, all the way down. Look yourself in the eyes. Your mind can not hurt itself. You are you and only you control yourself, so just relax and see where you go.
To completely get on top of depression, one must force themselves out of it. You are the force itself. Reality is always more interesting.

No progress

KEEP GOING. Invest the hours and focus. Look at the rest of this list if you can’t seem to get a hold of yourself. There will be no progress if you do not work enough.
Look for alternate solutions or quicker methods if you must. Take photos of yourself or of friends and use them for reference. Use clay. You can make cheap clay from flour and salt and water. Concentrate on larger shapes. The progress will come if you work on it, just relax and continue.


Getting a lot of negative criticism or not getting much feedback at all – offline

Success barely ever comes easy. Or never.
I get relatively lot of nice feedback from people I meet but I am overly hard on myself and do not actually care what people think… So, on this one, I can’t really give any useful information, except to listen and ask them whatever interests you and analyze their answers and probably look for patterns in them.


Fuck online anything. The internet and websites are not what they used to be 2 years ago, 4 years ago, 5 years ago… Everybody’s online but they might or might not click on buttons and might or might not comment, even if they are die hard fans of your work.
BUT! DO message other artists! Ask them, approach them and if possible, meet them!
Forget about likes and numbers! Now! Do not waste a moment on that. Share your progress if you wish so or whatnot but do not waste time when you could work on what you love.

This is it for now, I very much hope it proved useful for you!

Here is a PDF file, summarizing my thoughts regarding these problems in mind-burning cyan on black:
art_and_anxiety.PDF, and a HTML version: art_and_anxiety.

Thank you for reading!
Feel free to leave a comment or reply and engage in any way!

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