“ On the importance of reading comprehension ”

March 27th, 2021


This is my creative writing, it might hurt your feelings. To read, it requires some objectivity. This only reflects my personal opinions and disappointments. I mean to do the artists’ duty of shaking up the observer.

(Jesus fucking Christ)
Vaguely, I would like to talk about the importance of understanding what we read.

The problem is the fake.
Belief in fake.

The lie. When you lie. The belief in the fake. The BELIEF in the fake.

There is truth.
Things hurt. Things feel good. Sun shines. Cold is cold. We need water. We are pink inside and need to stay healthy. We can measure and count. We grow, we can’t fly, we remember. The tree grows toward the sky, the sky rains.
We know. The mothers belly bring more humans. We do not lay eggs like the birds.
We write and we know why the sky is blue at day and why it is black at night.
We know.
We lay stone on stone.
We can tell truth from lies if we really want to.

Greed in itself and with its siblings, ignorance, envy and jealousy, its tumour, the vengeance stemming from greed, they create destruction and lies.
They create a lie, a construct which, when looked upon from a far, is hollow and thin. Untrue.

Those constructs can be painted, dressed, even given life and personalities.

Also, good, naive will and halfwit intent can create constructs too.

And these can overlap. (“Hey! I just wanted to do something! I meant good!”)

This twists and swirls onward.
New constructs from other constructs on top of other constructs. Hell, even truth can sit on top of it.

But they are all lies as they were born of ill intent and only meant to drive a hidden dagger.
To steal, to raise fear, to take away, to drive a mass in a direction.

Fake concepts.
A mask on reality.


Don’t lie. Do not distort reality.
Do not destroy the world completely.
Do not take away more.
Humans are reduced already.
Stop the madness.

Some people could read for decades and they would learn nothing.
Read and read on.
Words just fall through. Read more, fall. Read, nothing.

Like vomit, like feces sliding fast down in an oiled up tube.

No traction, no friction, nothing remains.

Now, this is true. Most people “don’t have the time to read” and many others are only HerlyPoppler or the Bbibbel.
To them, school was nothing but a memory game, an important game to be able to repeat what the oppressors want to hear.
Monkey see, monkey do.
No matter any opinion, this is true.

Tap tap tap, stare down, slide, tap tap tap on the words. Slide, slide through. Words to tap and slide through.
There goes a lifetime away, there goes the intellect. Flush.
Tap and flush.
Stare, work, tap, flush, shut up.

Everyone’s hit single: The world wars, they exhausted the minds of so many. Terrible things happened, technology advanced and so on.

Yet, the most important result of it was the emotional and intellectual exhaustion.
Drained the wells of men and women.
Go on and dare say how it refreshed anyone’s soul!

Sex and drugs and rock and roll after that you say? That thin layer?
Sorry, this is not about the surface.

Wounded minds.
Tired minds. Parents, future parents. Not much energy left to raise children properly.
Life went on.
Ruins, ruins of minds.
Ruined families on ruins growing into ruined families.
All new mutants of systems, governments, the cold war formed, bulged like a dissolving corpse, like cancer, like a mushroom on the wall. Deadly, dark and mainly useless.
Living death. Fast steel.
Flying bombs. Hidden.

All more sophisticated horseshit, things not one single human on the planet needs.
Greed did not die. Greed only got fat.
A tremendously obese body to roll over the weakened, frail bones of humanity.
Releasing gas and spreading a slow, nuclear haze. An ooze of green fog slowly drifting all around the planet.

People grew up in that.
The nuclear world where life goes on.
Children neglected, children raised by slaps, others spoiled.

Not to mention how the old constructs, thooose, wrinkled wraiths clinging onto with their claws and screaming from top of their bleeding symbols, sacred and holy constructs.

Nothing new in it for women or men.

Anyway, these people were unfit as fuck but reproduced, who also grew only to be unfit as fuck and they reproduced in this inane, fucked up, lunatic shit of adverts and now we have this amazing situation of separation.


1, There are the old fucks. Shut up, no, I’m not rude, read on already. If you don’t have heaps of money stacked away or anyone truly caring for you, you are just an old fuck and you are done. Unless somehow you managed to keep healthy and are randomly lucky. Nobody cares about the old. Lock em up, put them in the ground already.
Am I lying? Am I now? Does your friend care about your grandma? I wish they do.

2, Haha! Get these clowns (my group): There are the ones around 30-40 who may or may not know or remember something important, some still learn and push on. Some. Only some. Many of them, they ONLY THINK they do but live in those constructs within constructs and they just press the button to get their fix, get high and be done with it. Take the pill, ask for more. Give money for blood. Give blood for money.
All these jokes (my group, mind you, sit down), stuck between the old fucks, they damaged or forgotten by their parents who had not much to give at all anyway.
Only this generation might do anything at all. Only this dented, one-legged, pushed-to-the-edge fucks can do anything. If.

3, Whose parents, those ones around 50-60 who, if, IF, if they had some sense, then they are slowly fading away in a school or university, dealing with migraines and trying to hammer some of that remaining sense into the young. I mean, from in front of computers.
The rest are dead inside or holed up, stuck in the past.
Or, mostly, are still at large, hurting and damaging their families further.
This generation is the most corrupt shit.
Ever witnessed corruption first hand, not through telewwwision? This generation, mind you.

4, Then there’s the fucking hopeless youth.
Jesus fucking breakdancing christ.
OH my inner organs, oh my conscious, oh my subconscious, oh my superconscious.

Intermezzo begins:
When I was young (as I feel old at 31), I was free.

I was fucking free, you worm.
Some of you know what I am talking about.
No, not just childish naivety.
No rules. Free.

And if I have had somewhat more light and sense in me, if I was somewhat more clever, I should-could-would have ran the fuck away.
(I am very sure some of those missing children just went on to look for a new life, without their absolutely incompetent parents.)

Anyway, we were free. School bell rang and and -WHOOSH- nobody saw us, nobody knew what we did, nobody told us what to do. We stole, we went anywhere, we did anything, we were far from puberty but were already wilder than you will ever be.
And I remember I actually felt safe on the streets. (Now that may have been naivety.)
Then time kept on ticking and everything got worse and worse and I was stupid enough to stay. Worse and worse. I was stupid enough to help. Worse.
Stupid to fall in love with the lost. Worse and worse.
I tried and I failed and I stayed. I became worse.
Until I didn’t. Until I decided I was to win.
“I decide! I choose myself! I make myself!
I will win!”

And I somewhat did.
Some others did as well, it is good to see some of them doing very “important good”.
Some became the worst, some died and, of course, many just continued to slave on as they let themselves be programmed to.

Yet, most of them tried and we all were free and curious.
Back then.

Intermezzo ends.

Now, this youth, all the youth of now, from adolescent to thirty something, is just junk empty fucking trash.

What happened? What the absolute double fuck is wrong with you, little Adam and Eve?



# I am not referring to you, you, getting your head bashed in on the street by the baton of some black demon.
# You, hiding. You, living off the grid. You trying to be your best just to help.
# No, not referring to the 1% percent.

Yes, there it is, I do blame the 98%.
The 98% percent is the reason the rich are rich and the harmless is out fighting and dying.

Anyway, I fall over myself,



Ignorant being.



Tap, tap, slide?
Tap? Tap tap tap, tap, tap tap, emoticon, tap, keyword, tap, slogans, tap, whoop, here’s an advert for you, tap.

This is your fucking life?! You fucking useless crap. You shit.
You scum.
You satanic evil rot.
You mind rot.

If you are what you do, then you are rot.
The darkness of the mind.

Falling through.
No knowledge. Gone.

“Don’t care!”
“Big ass bitch, shake ho, money bling, car, yo yo, rich, yo, better than you, my genitals, yo”
And the rest.

No more people. No youth, no gold.
There is nothing but an attitude, an attitude. Construct. Fake.
There is no questioning, no curiosity. Nothing under the attitude.

Cause the attitude is what is sold. Into the mind. And the attitude, it is nothing.
Yeah! Sing with me! Plastic rock and roll! Nihilism!

Fake construct, hollow attitude sold and neatly placed.
The person is replaced with nothing.

Tap tap, slide.

No humans but worms.

But this current world makes me sick.

I do not believe how anybody coming from a smooth, blank life, who stands and strives for nothing, how a numb brain will see anything of the real world around them. Never met that miracle.

There is a thick layer on most humans.
There is a thick layer on most societies.
There is a thick layer of deadly gas in the air, in the water and spilled across the land.

Most people just can not feel weight. Life did not push them to an edge, to have to, to be forced to measure truly. They were not attacked, their layers did not crack. They were not keen enough to dare raise important questions and push until something makes sense. Or maybe that road wasn’t very long. So many fancy constructs to choose from… Tap on one.

Most people can not understand what they read. Whatever the author meant to say, it just flies by.
Excuse me, it slides down, it is unable to fly. Tap, tap, tap tap, advertisement, tap tap tap, slide. Down.

Whore world.