About the artist

name: Richard, R, Rhdrmhdrvf, Rauhrauh [rœrœ] age: i came to be around the time of the fall of the Berlin wall pronouns: he/him orientation: very positive preferences: self-configured nationality: no borders religion: no, please eyes: two astrological sign: taurus place of residence: own skin, various large boxes within London main motivation: need none, am built out of ambition life goals: to be present and aiding true needs aims: live according to own set of rules message: later to be found out hobbies: lists, more lists, burning bridges & fixing/customizing things favourite books: End Of Childhood, Protected Men/The Virility Factor, Dune favourite writers: Borroughs, Merle, Vonnegut flaws: -wanting to do too much too fast -too much of "my work, not me" vices: GNU/Linux favourite drink: water, REDACTED FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION, terribly sour and dry drinks favourite food: E621, soylent green, soylent yellow, salt, sugar, maltodextrin, natrium glutamat cats or dogs: reptiles diet: non-processed food, preferably raw vegetables favourite scent: REDACTED FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION, forests at summer, high cliff above the sea artistic background: drawing since able to hold a crayon musical background: boring (guitar and music theory) equipment: nothing, hands, cheap pens and pencils, some cool brush pens, Wacom intuos 4, Epiphone guitars
favourite art movements eras, styles and methods: -mannerism (show more), -minimalism (show less), -monumentalism (BIG), -brutalism (wrong), -expressionism (out with the in), -impressionism (in with the out), -art nouveau (only linework or only shape) favourite artists: I blame them in no particular order but perhaps connected: Peter Chung, Egon Schiele, Filipe Andrade, -more tba- favourite music artists and bands: Diamanda Galas, Anna Calvi, Colin Stetson, Shannon Funchess, Oren Ambarchi, Low, The Horrorist, RadicalG, Lightning Bolt favourite performers: -more tba- favourite instruments: -arpeggio synthesizers (low, de-tuned notes very loud) -bass saxophone -scrap metal dislikes: -wasting anybody's time -waiting -waste facts: -absolute speedwalker zooming up long stairs -drinks vinegar for well-being -there is no other route but up against the tide, against the flow faction: no faction, non-canon, individual class: definitely rogue (*sneak*) race: only with time malkavian: am a superpowers: ultravision, nightvision, the sight main strength: apparently it is absolute resilience and endurance, self-domination enemies: all chauvinists arch nemesis(es): liquid glue, touchscreens

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