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2022 March 1st, London
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2022 March 1st, London
status: uhhh

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Description: [BIG] Rumbling about music. Derailing and going on about whatever that comes to my mind, except no comfort. Thank you. Welcome! First, the fuck of it all, dis-services, like your whatever thing on your phone that "plays music through the internet" is: 1- an enemy and destroyer of art 1.5- bitch, i repeat to your numb and stupid head: and enemy and destroyer of art and artists, delete that fucking shit now 2- an enemy of you 3- this is an angry blog of an angry artist- angry as the world [mostly] has turned it's back on art, graphic design and it's powerful blows stolen and turned against the mind, fucker, against THE MIND, the viewer IS never more REDUCED into a fucking consume-then-shit tube than in any period of this absolutely god-forsaken over-shitted state of human condition that was and being ground down into nothing. Yes. My dearest reader: we are shit, we are that flow in those never-seen [only by the holy -fucking consider commercial divers as your holy saints as they are, nobody takes any uglier risk... take a few moments here thinking about them] - we are the shit. Shit-flow. Shit flow. Shit shit repeat your ass-piss, listen: you are shit. Upset? Good. Time to refresh and let the mind flow clear. There is one thing that is powerful enough for that: magic. And there is only one true magic that can be easily accessed by demand [well, many other forms of self-expression and mindful intrusions but this digital page here is about audible movements, let me now]: music is the only form of magic that can be packed into thoughts and passed if careful. You can't... well, you can tell a movie... ... no, you can not. You can sing a song but ... well... Okay, time for me to scare away the last five person who got to read this far [as half of the worlds population, at least, hates and refuses to read - according to me-, the rest of them readers wandered off as their attention span got artificially reduced to thirty seconds or less, and then we have ignorance and the natural disinterest in the topic, or dislike to my way of writing for which i am unapologetic, RAWHAGHAWHAW, so, where was I...] oh yes, death to the music industry, death to rock and roll, death to this and that... If music is not in on step, straight from, of honesty, untouched, is for itself, then it is shit. :) And most people are fine with shit. This little, stupid and exaggerated, teenage-like though has stayed with me. And is more than welcome to stay. This is my Great Filter. This is my easy filter. What a very useful filter!!! Down you go the drain immediately if you tell me i should listen to this non-sense or that blatant advertisement. You pay for a service? Flowwwww, bloaugh-bloaugh, yoghurt of death. I actually do not know how people listen to music through the commercial apps on the underground transportation of London. I do not care how. At all. I hate you all. You are all dumb, numb idiots, betrayed, tricked. I buy CDs. Compact fucking Disc. And i download illegally. And I buy some vinyl too for the fuck of it. Download illegally. You did this. All of you. Me too. It flew over our heads. Now a few of us trying to work it back... This isn't a tech blog though. These are fucked up, half-assed essays for fun. About music. This is The DISCOTECHQUE And you are being ground down into ash. No. No death metal. Some maybe. How about all of this as an intro? Repulsive? Good. Bye.

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