M.N.H.C. 2020 March update & F.A.Q.

“ re-introduction / mountain of neglected human condition ”

March 17th, 2020

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What is MNHC?

This long work name is the current title of a project that came to life about six years ago.

It is an intertwined story clashing together a viral pool of characters through a tale of action and philosophy, focusing on exploration and adventure. There’s a lot going on but to bottom line it: human nature.

Mountain Of Neglected Human Condition is my main intellectual property which I am realising in writing and via images at the same time. It is a script plus full background information for a possible video game, a short story and some form of comic book.
As of now it is already: the full info and script for a game, the healthy spine of a novel, a dozen character designs, keyframes, settings, intermezzo stories, setups, layouts and literal kilograms of sketches.

Here is a short teaser text, wrapping up a part of the story, something I wrote about two years ago. While a lot has changed, it still captures the essence:

“After mankind has failed to take care of themselves, ruined all living conditions and drained every resource on planet Earth, inevitable doom approaches fast. As a final desperate act for survival, the first truly unbound artificial intelligence is released to aid the exodus of the last few million humans. This supervenient experiment assists the remains of humanity to an unknown planet where although a new beginning seem to flourish, unnerving secrets unfold as a handful of heroes learn about their actual situation and environment: the only sensible option for them is to return to Earth somehow, if it still exists.”

Extending that text, I would like to add some facts and intentions:
-The story connects different segments of time (plus the intermezzos).
-Dances at the very edge of science-fiction, crossing just a few meters into fantasy.
-I love humor, not only black humor and shock comedy but funny fun as well. Life is not life without good humor and laughs. Jokes are a good counterweight for something rather serious. Some light makes black stand out more.
-Most of the work is spent on sweating blood and tears to make it original and not just a quick copy of another copy. This means combining dozens of different elements into each smaller element and arranging a hell of a lot.
-My writing aims to shed light on the root of actual problems, re-introduces universal values, digs down to and questions what it originally and ultimately means to be human. Communicating all of this mostly subliminally (but obviously) and non-intrusively yet indeed, at points challenging the viewer.

How did it start?

As a collaboration, the initiative was just to draw something of a story and a friend of mine would create music for it, though, as our lives unfolded fast, we ended up in different countries and more important, new happenings washed away the idea.

After storms and summers I decided to pick up where I left off, revising and adding to the pages.
Then I felt an urge to merge all my valuable work, squeezing all matching old and new ideas into one collective, living essay. Therefore ‘the Mountain’ became the only personal work I focus on.
I discussed the early forms with friends, added, rinsed, rinsed again, researched, let the snake eat itself and washed it on continuous repeat, leaving behind only parts and pieces which are worthy. Writing and drawing began to share a 50% – 50% ratio as I microwaved my brain from the inside-out to get something more than just another product you get on the streaming services. Hopes are it worth it.

I started a web-comic some time ago (see first two pages here) but it took way too much effort to keep it going the way I intended it to (especially given my then circumstances and day jobs I was wasting my life on) and the writing just didn’t seem good at all, so it went on ice for improvement.

What’s happening with it? What’s the goal?

Storyboarding it all out and then:
#1: A comic book, digital and if there is enough demand then print version as well.
#2: A video game. Would go for animated cartoon series but I find video games to be more interesting as there is direct interaction.
I would love to have the characters come alive as plastic action figures as well at some point.

When will it be finished?


…”Book One” preferably even this year, but “Book Two” is blessed to be a sell out poser, making a run for it, toss itself into the sea of the fantasy genre and go on twisting forever and ever.

HOW? More details and intentions:

Design, influences, details, looks:

I am forever inspired and influenced by the works of Robert Merle, Sir Arthur. C Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, Lanza Del Vasto, Alan Watts, William Boroughs, George Orwell, Imre Madach, John Milton…

According to those: message and morals first. Taking a look at humanity demographically, as a possible space-faring race or one failing at it. Questioning and exploring life and existence as is and beyond.
Values. Representing values, foremost, stripping the noise and gardening some responsibility. Picking up only the valuable seeds and planting: there can’t be enough said and written about what we essentially are or supposed to be or could become and what problems and what flaws of ours should be highlighted. What else to write about but the shame and ill doings of mankind? Eccentric as I am, wanting to produce art and be left in peace, I still do recognise what needs fixing and would like to take my part in giving help.

The cinema of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Federico Fellini, Bela Tarr, David Lynch – embracing our dreams, co-existing with and venturing deep and deeper into imagination. Shapes, looks, colours build and represent important parts, the mix of symbolism and the human soul.
Inevitably and undeniably the details in the art of Akira, GITS, NEON GEN. All those industrial details, the incredible late 80s, early 90s fueled retro-futurism of them. Indeed, 80s and 90s anime-tech and Syd Mead’s steel future. The true gold of visual science-fiction.

Cartoons: Aeon Flux (Peter Chung’s way of representing and animating bodies, his mighty work of extending Egon Schiele’s legacy, those angular, sharp human forms) Adventure Time (freedom, variety, a little childish chaos), Batman Beyond (“SHWAY!”) and others.
Some video games but more on that later, in a separate, future post.

Also, I share an interest in fashion and clothing, though I honestly do not know much about it and do not follow any events or trends but I do find joy in designing garments and exploring costumes, wardrobes of movies and other extravagant looks. The decoration of the body stretches far back, almost to simple lifeforms and it intrigues me.

What MNHC is NOT:

Things not to be seen or heard in the story, in neither forms of it:
– Military propaganda (hidden everywhere in newer movies, games and animations) – one has to be blind not to see the words JOIN THE ARMY in the background of many recent media. War is not fun. War is the worst thing ever.
– Well… bad “music”. Will post about the would-be soundtrack later on.
– Any form of conformism, “bro culture”, any kind of advertisement.

Where to follow along with the development?

Here, among my news posts and on my Development blog.
Pictures on the main page of my website, and on my Artstation profile.

Also on my Patreon Page.



If you like the idea and would like to see it come alive sooner, you can support me through:

Feedback, expressing yourself about the project in any way helps!
If you show it to your friends, share it and talk about it, you’ll help greatly!
You can link to this page or to my main website.

Also, you are more than welcome to contact me straight away!

Monetary means are:

To sign up on my Liberapay page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for any questions just drop me a message in any form or email me:

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