August 2020 Update

“ Recap ”

August 24th, 2020

Uncrowned king of no-updates calling in!

Hi! How’re you all doing? Hope all is swell and round!
It’s visual Art Time here!

This article is an attempt to summarize all what I have been up to in the last months.
I’ve been busy like a mad scientist. Let’s see:

At the moment:

– I am working on the third competition I am participating in this year. The previous ones were Artstations’s Box of Mystery (See my entry and tons of amazing others) and Atomhawk’s The Journey Begins!

– The current one being Crystal Canvas’ ‘Water’ themed competition, for which I am squeezing myself more than ever.

– I will eventually have some tote bags and prints available soon if all goes well.

Among other doings, since March:

-Pushed my main project, my main intellectual property, MNHC quite a bit further.

-Did some icons, layout and illustration for an architectural project.

-Filled up two sketchbooks (will eventually post photos of them).

-Did some initial sketches for a fan project about Elric.

-Wrote many lyrics and began working on some new and old music demos.

-Finally read Dune for the first time plus a few more Arthur C Clarke and Kurt Vonnegut books.

-Started getting into sculpting with clay.

-Started working on an image series of vampire women (well, more like getting back to them).

-Experimented with Blender and Makehuman.

-Extended the functionality of and learnt better ways to work with my OS.

-Waved final goodbye to using the mouse a few months ago and reduced looking at my smartphone by 99% (it is an expensive cooking timer).

-Installed Godot and started getting familiar with it.

-Updated and removed many online profiles.

-Updated this website, removing javascript entirely from my frontpage (except some vanilla js for dragging html elements around for fun).

-and merged the Development Blog with my News & Announcements.

-learnt this and that and to play the bass much better and also, was obviously busy with my private life and adventures.

My last endeavour I posted about here was my Patreon site launch and a short video about it – which I very soon removed and erased the idea of it completely and got off from a few websites. Instead of those profiles I dropped, you are welcome to ‘follow me’ on healthier, more free channels:

on “instagram”:
on “twitter”:
and if you feel like, you are welcome to donate on Liberapay.

I am looking for similar minded individuals and anybody who liked to talk about drawing, painting or making games in Godot.

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