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Website credits:

All pictures, Design, Art Direction, Overhaul, Setup and Mark-up done in GNU/LINUX by: Richard Kramenstetter
- on top of the fantastic free and open source Wordpress content management system.
Scripts and Codes by:
jQuery by | forEach by Todd Motto
Skeleton by Dave Gamache | Scrollify by Luke Haas
PSWP by Dmitry Semenov | bg fade on scroll by Dave Redfern
Titillium Web font born at Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino | Asimov font by KineticPlasma
And other lines of code mainly done by the wonderful people at Stack Overflow. Rest TBA.
Thank You! Thank you all for your hard work!
Concept Art / Illustration / Design   — RICHARD KRAMENSTETTER
— Use the scroll wheel of the mouse, the touchpad or the down arrow on the keyboard for smoother scrolling. —
As of now, the webcomic is intended to be viewed on a larger screen but it may display well on mobile devices also.

“After mankind has failed to take care of themselves, ruined all living conditions and drained every resource on planet Earth, inevitable doom approaches fast. As a final desperate act for survival, the first truly unbound artificial intelligence is released to aid the exodus of the last few million humans. This supervenient experiment assists the remains of humanity to an unknown planet where although a new beginning seem to flourish, unnerving secrets unfold as a handful of heroes learn about their actual situation and environment: the only sensible option for them is to return to Earth somehow, if it still exists.”

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