Richard Kramen Artworks 2023
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Richard ([ˈrihaːˈrd]) Kramenstetter, born in 1989.
Autodidact multidisciplinary visual artist and musician, based in London, UK.

Available for creative work.

"I am relentlessly creating, building and developing all the time.
My main method and channels are still images, carefully and joyfully drawn by hand onto paper or to the screen via a digital tablet.

While I lived and worked in five different countries so far, fronted and played in a dozen music bands and projects, hosted game events and expo sales, managed bars and pubs, loaded trucks in a cold storage...
I have also tended to my passion for the visual arts and enhanced my skills when I could.
Accumulating real knowledge, growing and nurturing what I have, I am always working on at least one project.
Thank you for reading."

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  • Minotaurus (framed print)
  • Ayumi (pre-order)
  • Dragon (pre-order)
  • Kerveros (pre-order)
  • Sorrow (pre-order)
  • Cowboys (pre-order)
  • Holofernes (pre-order)
  • Megakyroptera (download)